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List of Ultimate Ninjutsu Skills Gold Ninja Pockie Ninja II Social

Below List of Ultimate Ninjitsu Skill Until this day :
  • Kyuubi Naruto: Channeling Jutsu: Kyuubi—Increases 5% of HP and Attack to all allies Taijutsu Ninjas during the whole combat (Passive Aura) 
  • Anbu Kakashi: Mangekyo Sharingan: Kamui—10% of attack enhanced. 50% rating to stun the target by normal strike (Passive Aura)
  • Gold Deidara: Ultimate Explosive Clay –Increase 10% attack, critical ratio +5%, attack range full screen (Passive Aura) 
  • Gold Konan: Ultima Sacred Paper Emissary -- Deals enemies in the square area 110% attack and restrain them for 1 turn (Active skill. Use once) 
  • Gold Minato: Flying Thunder God Ultimate (Attack +10%, Moving Distance +1, Attack Distance +1, 15% chance to restrain the target for 1 turn) (Passive Aura)
  • Gold Hinata: Eight Diagrams Palm (HP+15%, 50% chance of reducing damage taken by 50% when being attacked) (Passive Aura) 
  • Reanimated Itachi: Izanami (Increases the attack power of all your allies by 3%, normal attack has 30% chance to make enemy sleep for a turn) (Passive Aura)
  • Gold Sasuke: Susuano (Deals enemies in a cross array 140% damage and seals them for 2 turns.)
  • Kushina : Eight Diagrams Seal (Increase 5% attack. Additional effects with common strike: 100% ratio to seal the target for 1 turn, 20% ratio to restrain the targte for 1 turn, 5% ratio to stun the target for 1 turn) (Passive Aura) 
  • 1st HokageUltimate Mokton Ninjutsu (Increase 10% HP and 5% attack, Increase 2% of max HP and attack to all Taijutsu allies during the whole combat)
  • GaaraSand Guardian (Reduce 15% of damage received from Taijutsu enemy, Increases 1% of max HP to all allies during whole combat)
  • Uchiha Shisui: Koto Amatsukami (Passive): attack + 10%, HP + 5%, double dmg while attacking weapon ninja, dmg taken - 20% while being attacked by weapon ninja. 
  • Sage Naruto: Holy Rasen Shuriken (Passive): attack + 5%, HP + 5%, normal attack deals 70% of damage to enemies behind the target and 40% of damage to enemies beside the target.  
  • Angel Konan: Shikigami Angel (Passive and Active): Passive-attack + 10%, range +2, increases 5% of attack to all allies Weapon ninjas in battle. Active-1 try- deals 110% dmg to enemies in square area.   
  • Obito - UltimaKuchiyoseno Jutsu - Tobi (Passive: Attack +15%) (Active, Used Once: Deals 60% damage to all enemies).    
  • Sage JaraiyaSage Mode - (Passive: Increase 15% Attack Power, 15% Critical Chances, and 10% HP).   
  • Utakata: Bubble Jutsu - (Passive: Increase 5% Attack Power. Effect by Normal Attack: 10% chance to hypnotize the target for 1 turn.) (Deals 100% damage to enemies in a cross array and hypnotize them for 1 turn) (Active Skill, Used Once)   
  • Hotaru: Bubble Jutsu - (Increase 10% Attack Power,Reduce 20% of damage received from Ninjutsu enemy) (Special : Received no retaliation when attack enemies)   

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